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BioSystems BA400 Biochemistry Analyzer

BioSystems designs and develops efficient systems that implement the latest and best technical solutions.

The BA400 Biochemistry Analyzer is a clinical chemistry and turbidimetry analyzer designed to offer the best performance to laboratories looking towards achieving the highest efficiency with optimal operative cost.

In combination with BioSystems original reagents and worldwide technical support coverage, the BA400 Biochemistry Analyzer defines the new generation of clinical analyzers.

  • Smart Autonomy
    • 88 refrigerated positions with internal barcode reader
    • 135 positions for samples, controls and standards suitable for primary or pediatric tubes, 90 of them with barcode reading
    • High-capacity washing solution and waste containers, able to run continuously for up to 8 hours without refilling/emptying
    • Automated water inlet and waste outlet with internal reservoirs that can be easily adapted to any lab facility
  • Smart Optics
    • Optical system with BioSystems’ patented LED technology, with virtually no maintenance
    • 8 working wavelengths that covers the most demanding tests in routine and special chemistry
    • Solid-state light source with a split reference beam with a working life up to 50.000 hours to achieve optimal accuracy and performance
  • Smart Performance
    • Auto-controlled electronic subsystems based on CAN bus (Controller Area Network) optimizes performance and reduce the maintenance down
    • Sample dispensing system of high accuracy with level, collision and clot detection that automatically retract to a protected home position during stops
    • Low water consumption (less than 14 L/hour) with thermostated fluid washing station system
    • Low mechanical wear dispensing pumps with ceramic piston
    • Independent powered cooling system for reagents (temperature between 5 and 8 degrees C, up to 35 degrees C room temperature)
  • Smart Solutions
    • High operating autonomy, through its high capacity for samples and reagents
    • User-friendly software, with an intuitive graphical interface, real-time monitoring of work-session and exhaustive quality control analysis (Westgard rules, Youden and Levey-Jennings charts, management historical results database)
  • Smart System
    • Original reagents specially designed and optimized to use in the BA400 system, covering a complete panel of clinical chemistry and specific protein tests


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Head Office: Door 3 Zhang Apartment, 12th Street,
Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, 9000
+63 (88) 327 0975
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